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SMART Maintenance – Paka, Terengganu

SMART Maintenance aims to enhance the value of Operations & Maintenance with digital lean approach. It is a multi-channel Integrated Innovative Digital Platform that brings together powerful digital forces like Mixed Reality, IoT Frameworks, Big Data and Machine Learning. It helps company to achieve predictive analytics, digitalized workflow and extended ERP, thus creating a virtual one-stop Centre for all plant operations, maintenance and turnaround work.

As a holistic system, SMART Maintenance offers digital transformation systems for the following scope: Operations and Maintenance Portal, Asset Integrity Management, Project Management, Extended OEM Monitoring Dashboard, Knowledge Repository, Real-Time and Predictive Data Analytics, Vendor Management and more. Therefore, clients have the flexibility to opt for which management systems to be included based on their requirements and needs.

ProjectSMART Maintenance
LocationPaka, Terengganu