Occupational Health & Safety Policy
ISO 45001:2018
Quality Policy
ISO 9001:2015
Environmental Policy
ISO 14001:2015
In 2020, we achieved Zero reported incident, accident and fatalities which we monitor in our monthly and yearly Health, Safety & Environment scorecard. We have been monitoring and recording our HSE scorecard since our inception in 1993. We utilise this monitoring to oversee the performance and progress and ensure that we improve over our previous achievements and targets. Besides that, we create an Annual Safety Plan to monitor our safety performance with a set target for all operations to achieve. For ISO 45001:2018, we received the local (OHS00241) and international (OSH00563) operations certification in 2020. This certification will be audited every year from SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. to ensure our compliance to ISO standards. We recognise that we have a duty to carry a positive impact to all our stakeholders such as our clients, suppliers, employees and regulators as an example. Therefore, we spare no effort in catering to their needs and provide the highest safety level in our organization to meet their expectation.

When it comes to Safety, we believe everyone is responsible and accountable. Therefore, we developed our own internal framework for the continuous improvement of Occupational Safety & Health. Which is also the second pillar in our Operational Safety and Health Policy.  Furthermore, we believe that providing a safe and healthy working environment by avoiding causing a risk to the safety and health of employees, and stakeholders remains our utmost priority at all times.

To make this goal achievable, we ensure that we provide our staff with the necessary knowledge and tools that ensure that safety is never compromised.

In addition, we also implement other policies which related to OSH which consists of, Stop Work Policy, Smoking Policy, and Drugs and Alcohol Policy in purpose to maintain our safety in our workplace. 

Our endless efforts and the extreme care our employees ensure during the performance of duties had been nothing but fruitful resulting in an outstanding record of 55.3 million cumulative workhours completed with Zero Loss Time Injury as at the end of 2020.

Our Safety and Health Committee plays an important role towards providing an optimal workplace in our company. This committee includes members from various departments including the Senior management level to provide updates and recommendations to the HSSE management and HSSE Personnel at our Service Centres.

Furthermore, we welcome and encourage participation from various departments and other business units to discuss and update the OSH in our work to improve our OSH environment. On the Board level Dato’ Dr. Ir. Ts Hj. Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah (Group CEO), always emphasises that OSH is one of the mandatory subjects in all board and management meetings to ensure that safety and health are always the top priorities and that everyone is liable and accountable towards ensuring non—compromised safety. Dato’ Karim also is a member of the HSSE Corporate Management team in Serba Dinamik which is made up of members from all levels starting from top management to executive levels. This ensure that any issues that arise will always be on the radar of the top management as and when they occur.

Hazard Identifications, Risk assessment and Risk control had always been our obligation when we plan or promote or execute any project. We will ensure the workplace is conducive to our employee safety and ensure that all stakeholders including external parties are aware of all the risks involved and the required level of safety and diligence required to successfully execute the tasks at hand.

Furthermore, we also conduct safety and risk assessments even after the execution of any project has been completed. This is done to make sure no hazards and safety compromises arise within at least a month from the completion date.

We conduct fire drill trainings twice a year to maintain the awareness of our employees and ensure that they are ready for any potential disasters. This effort is conducted by the emergency response team including all our employees across our branches around the globe.

Beyond fire drills, we have conducted internal and external trainings to our employees in various safety aspects and creates several teams in each location which consist of the first aid, emergency response team and other safety related teams to be part of the OSH culture in the employees’ daily life.

Our commitment towards safety continues with monitoring lost time incident rate at all times.

During the past three years, we have achieved Zero total incident rate with manhours 4,279,763 for 2020, manhours 4,041,660 in 2019 and manhours 2,762,348 in 2018 in our all operations including our sub-contractors.

Our commitment towards safety contributed to our ability to swiftly deal and adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic that took the world by surprise. While many companies were struggling with various outbreaks amongst their employees and within our facilities, we take pride in the fact that we had zero infections during 2020. This came as a result of the strict adherence to SOPs published by the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization.

Furthermore, we took more proactive steps towards helping our stakeholders in their battle with the COVID-19 virus. We further provided many required Protective equipment, Face Shields, Sanitisers as well as other necessities during the periods of peak shortages to front liners and medical teams in Malaysia, Central Asia and Africa. This helped alleviate some of the extreme pressures that medical teams were facing during the initial spike of the pandemic.