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Our vision is to create Malaysia’s 1st maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), and inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) Global Centre of Excellence for the downstream oil, gas and petrochemical, and power generation industries.

At the same time, we will establish and operate a self-contained total ecosystem of supporting facilities, products and services for the repair and maintenance of plants, machineries, equipment and structures. This will all be housed within our Pengerang Eco-Industrial Park (PeIP).

The MRO Global Centre of Excellence will focus on rotating equipment, for example gas and steam turbines, engines, compressors, pumps and blowers. The IRM Global Centre of Excellence will focus on static equipment including process equipment like boilers, pressure vessels, columns and heat exchangers, and structures like storage tanks and piping systems.

The MRO and IRM Global Centre of Excellence will be complemented by a purpose-built Plant Turnaround Village. Plant turnaround refers to mandatory work stoppage of oil, gas, petrochemical and power generation operations to facilitate total plant repair and maintenance.

As part of our total ecosystem, we will also establish and operate a commercial centre to provide facilities and amenities to local and global operators to support our PeIP. Facilities and amenities will include offices, service and residential apartments, and retail facilities. They will all be housed within our Pengerang International Commercial Centre (PICC).

We will also establish and operate T-VET City, a purpose-built campus to provide technical and vocational education and training (TVET). T-VET City aims to provide a continuous supply of skilled and trained resources to support PeIP.

ProjectPengerang Eco-Industrial Park and Pengerang International Commercial Centre
Locationin Pengerang, Johor on the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia.
Development Overview MRO Global Centre of Excellence, IRM Global Centre of Excellence, Plant Turnaround Village, Logistics Hub, T-VET City, Office Towers, Retail Podium, Service Apartments, Residential Apartment
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