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Establishment and Operation of a Compressed Natural Gas ("CNG") plant in Muaro Jambi, Indonesia

Our CNG Plant is located at Muaro Jambi, Sumatra, measuring approximately 11,200 sq. metres. This facility is equipped with metering station, gas dryer, gas compression, control room, microturbines, CNG buffer storage, air compressors and a CNG filing station. It is the first CNG plant in Sumatra and supplying CNG to the industry area within 300km radius.

The natural gas is piped directly into our plant via a 500 metre pipeline from the Simpang Tuan Gas Field which is located nearby our CNG plant and then compressed and delivered to its end users using conventional land transport such as trucks and tanks. The design capacity of our CNG plant is 2.5 Million standard cubic feet per day (“MMSCFD”).

The plant compresses natural gas to less than 1% of its initial volume while remaining in its gaseous state, making it economically viable for various modes of transportation to its end users. This helps with the distribution of this important source of energy economically without the need for significant investments in infra-structure.

ProjectCompressed Natural Gas Plant
LocationMuaro Jambi, Indonesia
Development OverviewA CNG plant, located on an 11,200 Sq. Metres land in Muaro Jambi. The plant compresses natural gas from its initial volume to approximately 1% of initial volume. The CNG plant has an operating capacity of 2.5 Million standard cubic feet per day ("MMSCFD") of Compressed Natural Gas.