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System Integrator


System Integrator

Power wherever and whenever you need.

We represent Capstone Microturbine in this region to supply various size of power: 30kW, 65kW, 200kW up to 1MW configurations.

In any area where energy is not readily available, and, reliable clean-and-green energy is a necessity, a variety of Capstone Power Packages is quickly ready for business whenever and wherever needed.

All Capstone MicroTurbines operate (a) Continuously or On-Demand, (b) Stand alone or Grid Connect, (c) Individually or Multi-pack, (d) Near zero emission profile, (e) Run on a variety of fuels: Low or High Pressure Natural Gas, Biogas (landfill, wastewater treatment centers, anaerobic), Flare gas, Diesel, Propane, Kerosene.

Solutions & Applications

CHP Solutions

Capstone microturbine systems conserve energy and cut operational costs by creating two forms of energy: Electricity and heat i.e. cogeneration or CHP (Combined Heat & Power).

The heat can be used for water/space heating and/or process heating or drying. This offsets fuel consumed by less efficient boilers or heaters.

CCHP Solutions

The heat output of Capstone Microturbines can be used to both heat and air condition your facility via absorption cooling i.e

CCHP (Combined cooling, heating & power) Cooling when it’s hot, heating when it’s not and reliable, affordable power every day.


  • Oil & Gas
  • Education
  • Waste Management
  • Livestock Farming
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Telecommunications
  • Data Centers
  • Hotels/Apartments
  • Residential
  • Public Facilities
  • Military
  • Office Buildings
  • Utility
  • Healthcare

CSE Global Limited

In April 2018, SERBA acquired equity stake in CSE Global Limited (CSE) as part of our strategy to expand our presence globally.

CSE is an international technology group listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange with over 1300 employees worldwide. It offers cost effective, totally integrated solutions to industries in the Automation, Telecommunications and Environmental sectors. The company has been in operations since 1985 and operates a network of 41 offices in 17 countries across the globe such as in USA, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

From offshore oil and gas platforms to onshore plant information systems, CSE designs, delivers, commissions as well as provides comprehensive maintenance to a wide array of industrial systems. CSE also integrate industrial technology solutions for clients from a wide spectrum of process industries.

CSE have extensive experience in management information systems, relational databases, communications and telemetry thus providing a comprehensive service to major environmental organizations. CSE offers solutions in the design, engineering and supply of specialized furnace systems for industrial incineration plants, industrial process plants and municipal sludge incinerations, to industrial and municipal clients.

CSE also have expertise in the telecommunications industry which has been developed over the years working with customers on some of the world’s largest and complex projects.

Fast Pyrolysis Process

Fast pyrolysis is a thermochemical decomposition of organic materials in absence of oxygen at high temperatures (500-800 °C).

ENEX power plants based on Capstone microturbines generate
high-quality electricity and heat running on pyrolysis gas

Advantages of Fast Pyrolysis Over Slow Pyrolysis:

  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Power intensity of the process is twice lower
  • Precise temperature modes regulation
  • Higher calorific value of the pyrolysis products
  • Lower prime cost of the pyrolysis products
  • Extended useful life
  • High-quality output

Raw Materials

  • Fossil fuels: peat, shale, bituminous coal, lignite, coal sludge
  • Wood scrap
  • Agricultural wastes including cattle and poultry wastes, manure
  • Crop wastes (flax shive, straw, oilcake, etc.)
  • Consumer and food industry wastes
  • Household and utility wastes, wood, paper, plastic wastes, tires, and rubber